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  Council approves turn-around at Kube Park

The Elbow Lake City Council, in an attempt to keep grain trucks off residental streets when they leave the new Elbow Lake Co-op grain elevator on the west side of town, passed a motion to establish a turn- around for trucks and having them return to Central Ave. However, in order to establish this turn-around, the picnic shelter and parking lot at Kube Park will have to be removed.

Truck traffic unloading and continuing down 1st Street South to 3rd Ave and then onto Division, became a problem to houses along 3rd Ave. Dust, noise and the danger of as many as 100 trucks per day in a residential area brought homeowner Mike Frisch to the meeting to complain. Elbow Lake Co-op Grain manager Al Mashek told Frisch things will get better when street construction in Elbow Lake is completed.

“No, it won’t get better,” Frisch answered. “The issue is when the streets get tore up and need to be redone, we will have to pay for it. The kids on the west side are in danger, and it will just get worse.”

He added that neighbor kids cannot play basketball in their driveway because of the truck traffic.

Councilperson Tom Grout made the suggestion that the Kube Park picnic shelter be removed, allowing trucks the room to make a 360 degree turn on 1st St., and go back east. He suggested the picnic shelter be moved west where trucks would not drive.

The council passed a motion to establish a turn- around after asking the city attorney if the city could remove the picnic shelter. They also indicated they would put signs just west of the elevator barring trucks from continuing west. The truck route then, for grain trucks unloading at the west side elevator, would be to turn around, after unloading, and drive to Central Ave. Turning on 2nd Ave to Division would be simply trading one residential street for another.

In another traffic issue, the council agreed, at the request of a resident, to install a four way stop at 10th Ave. NE and 1st St., near the old hospital.

Other business
Councilperson Julie Larson, who serves on the tree committee, said the committee is thinking about planting trees along the southeast side of Kube Park and will be figuring out the type and number of trees they will plant.

Thorson Memorial Library director Gail Hedstrom reported that 3,298 items were checked out in the month of June. She said the library’s summer reading program has an average attendance of 48 children. Fifty-eight attended Kenny Ahern’s program, and later this month the library is hosting Climb Theatre.

The council passed a motion to approve a temporary beer and liquor license to the Elbow Lake Fire Department for Flekkefest weekend, and they approved the extension of premise liquor license for the Knotty Pine bar and grill for Flekkefest weekend.

The council approved a low bid of $54,499.10 from Dakota Fence for security fencing at the airport and approved the low bid of $104,649.90 from Astach Corp. for runway re-hab.

The council did not approve the request from Joe and Katie Barrera to use the food storage area of the Sanford Room for a commissary for their food cart business.

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