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  Forget impeachment, and beat Trump at the polls in 2020
  BY C. A. RAY, Editor

No president has been as divisive, or damaging, to the nation as President Trump. No president, that I can recall, has been so unable to inspire, present a view of a better future, or even talk to others without condensation and belittlement.

This president has little or no intellectual curiosity, I suspect he does not enjoy reading, or holding interesting conversations with stimulating people. Instead, he seems determined to do anything he can to get as many people mad at him as possible.

His skin is so thin, it renders him incapable of any self-criticism that he may use to improve himself.

None of these shortcomings is reason enough to impeach him however, and the Democrats are doing no good, to either the country, or their party, by spending so much time on pursuing impeachment.

Yes, he most-likely committed impeachable offenses while in office, but with the Republicans firmly in charge of the Senate, they will never vote to remove him from office.

The people of America want their politicians to get stuff done. They want a health care system that works and does not bankrupt, they want sane, common sense gun control, and action on the climate change crisis. Polls show Americans want these things by huge margins and the yet Republican party, led by President Trump, refuses to act.

Democrats claim they have passed, or are willing to pass, legislation addressing these concerns, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has told them don’t bother, legislation will never see the light of day in the Senate.

That is no reason to give up on these measures. Democrats should introduce a single payer health care bill every day and see what happens! A simple,easy to understand proposal that they can hammer away at, day after day, until everyone understands it, for the next year. The American people will see that the Democrats are desperately trying to get something substantial done... and reward them at the polls in November of 2020. Especially when compared to President Trump’s obsessive need for praise, and no legislative talent, or interest in anything other than himself, at all.

By continuing this push for impeachment, Democrats are playing right into President Trump’s hands. He can campaign on the issue that the Democrats are a do-nothing party, obsessed with overturning the 2016 election... and he will not be wrong!

Many on the left want to see Trump impeached simply because they hate him so... hate his ignorance, racism, misogyny and inability to work with people. They want to see him humiliated. But impeachment would not humiliate a guy who thrives on publicity... any publicity, good or bad, he does not care, as long as his name is constantly in the news.

But beating him in November 2020 would have a far bigger impact on President Trump’s fragile ego than an impeachment fight that the U.S. Senate would never pass anyway.

Another four years of President Trump would be a disaster for the United States, and the world, that we many never recover from. It must not happen! The power to make President Trump a one term president is totally in the Democrat’s hands, they should not squander it or they will be responsible for the consequences.



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