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  What will Trump do?

To the Editor,
“Tis not unreasonable for me to prefer the destruction of the whole world to the scratching of my finger.” —David Hume

When the Mueller Report is released, it is almost certain that Trump will be facing impeachment in the House, conviction in the Senate, removal from office and then federal and state indictments. I believe the report will reveal crimes so numerous and serious that at least 70 senators would immediately vote for conviction. Among the most serious crimes will be money laundering for Russian oligarchs, tax evasion, and the subornation of perjury. It is difficult to concentrate on any single crime as I doubt that Trump, since he was five years old, spent one day when he did not lie to, cheat, or swindle someone.

A true scoundrel he is.

But what will a scoundrel, serving as president, do when he is confronted with certain impeachment, conviction, indictment, and possible imprisonment? Will he order a military attack on Iran? It was reported last fall that the White House’s National Security Council asked the Pentagon for plans for launching a military attack on Iran. I suspect that the plans for this attack are already fully developed.

Who will be the Republican’s candidate for president in 2020? This might be the most interesting question in the coming year. I feel Donald Trump will be unavailable.


Norman Gronwald, Norcross MN

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