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  Support your local ‘chamber,’ ‘booster club,’ ‘commerce and ag’ groups
  by ANNE O’FLYNN, Grant County Herald

I feel lucky to live here. By ‘here’ I mean small town Minnesota. I grew up here, moved away, came back, and appreciate shopping at our small local businesses. I love saying ‘hi’ to the people who work there (because I know them), and spending money that I know stays local - through salaries, taxes, and more purchases at other local businesses. In all our communities there are groups of people who work especially hard to promote their local businesses and amenities. The groups go by various names “chamber of commerce,” “booster club,” “commerce and ag,” and more. But they all have the same goal - making positive contributions to their community.

This is the time of year that most ‘chambers’ approach their members, and prospective new members, and ask for their annual membership dues. All of the communities in our readership area have organizations who need your support - even if you don’t own a typical ‘main street’ business. Most clubs offers very inexpensive individual memberships, and business memberships at levels varying by number of employees, or sometimes just a simple flat membership rate. Each and every membership is sincerely appreciated. It costs a lot to put on events - and when everyone helps contribute to the greater good - that sure helps.

These clubs make things happen largely through all-volunteer members. These are people who are often very busy with their own lives and businesses, but feel the time spent volunteering to help with things like a Santa Day, a town festival, an Easter Egg Hunt, a fishing tournament, Fun Runs, and even building and economic development projects - is well worth it. They know that contributing to the quality of life in their community is what makes people want to move there, stay there, and be a part of the local economy. And that’s what we need to do to keep our small towns vital.

So if you hear about a ‘booster club’ event, or get a letter asking you to join - please think about saying ‘yes’! These clubs are worth your financial support, your volunteer spirit, and your community participation. They are all trying to ‘do something good.’

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