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  Trump’s EPA is moving to expand the use of bee-killing pesticides
  BY ELIZABETH JACOB, League of Conservation Voters

Bees are dying at alarming rates, but instead of doing more to protect our pollinators, President Trump’s EPA is moving to expand the use of one extremely toxic bee-killing pesticide on over 165 million acres of farmland in the U.S.

This move comes as Bayer and Syngenta—two of the largest producers of bee-killing neonic pesticides—are lobbying EPA chief Scott Pruitt hard to make sure that their pesticides stay on the market. But, scientific evidence has shown that this pesticide is hazardous to our environment and that EPA should be reducing its use, not expanding it.

It couldn’t be clearer: Scott Pruitt is willing to prioritize the profits of Big Corporations over the health of pollinators, communities, and ecosystems. We only have a few weeks to speak out—tell the EPA to keep bee-killing pesticides out of our agricultural system.

Numerous studies have shown that these neonic pesticides not only harm bees, but also pose danger for birds and aquatic species. Bees are responsible for one in three bites of food we eat, but without healthy bee populations, our whole food system is put at risk. We cannot ignore the science—these pesticides harm pollinators and wildlife, jeopardize our food production, and risk the health of our communities.

The communities that work on and live near these farms are disproportionally exposed to pesticides and suffer from greater health risks. To make matters worse, Pruitt is moving to reduce the minimum age requirement for farm workers, increasing the exposure of young workers to these dangerous pesticides. We must raise our voices in opposition for any move that could risk the health of our farm working communities!

As big agra-corporations try to discredit science and stop the EPA from taking action in order to protect their bottom line, we must build a bigger and stronger movement to stand up for our pollinators. If enough of us write to Congress the EPA will have no choice but to reconsider this disasterous plan—and we can save the bees. We can stop them, but only if we all work together.

The EPA exists to protect our pollinators, communities, and environment from dangers just like this. And yet Scott Pruitt thinks he can get away with only protecting the interests of corporations like Bayer and Syngenta. We simply won’t let that stand. Show the EPA that we’re paying attention and won’t stand for attacks against our pollinators.

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